Your physical health, your psychological well-being, and your spiritual possibility depend on how well-aligned you are with existence. Essentially, Hatha Yoga is towards establishing this alignment


Pregnancy Yoga

Batch 1 (USA) : 7 – 8 pm ET 

Batch 2 (UK) : 7- 8 am

BST(Europe) : 8 – 9 am CET

1 – 7 July 2023

7 Days


No yoga experience required

110 USD

95 USD

Dear Expecting Mothers,

Congratulations on this incredible journey of pregnancy! We understand that this phase brings with it a multitude of emotions, responsibilities, and physical changes. That’s why we are excited to introduce 7-day online (21- day) yoga program – “Hope” exclusively designed to support you during this special time.

“Hope” is specifically tailored to address the unique challenges you may face, including exhaustion, anxiety, body and mind changes. Through a combination of gentle yoga practices, meditation, and the transformative power of Nada Yoga and Pranayama.

You deserve to nurture yourself, both physically and emotionally, as you embark on this beautiful path of motherhood. We look forward to welcoming you into our supportive community and witnessing the incredible transformations that await you.

With Love & care,

Inclusions & Benefits

Yogic practices

Relieves physical stress & tiredness
Strengthens the joints and muscles
Best way to regenerate the spine

Guided Meditations

Greatly enhance the mental & physical development of the fetus
Reduces suffering in body & mind while delivery

Yogic tips & keys to

Better sleep
Create a conducive environment
Calm, healthy & positive in surrounding

Nada Yoga

To activate a particular kind of energy in different parts of the body, bringing a lasting sense of inner pleasantness using sound

Sadhguru’s wisdom on parenthood

A support for your new journey


Relieve anxiety & psychological tension
Bring balance to your thoughts, activities & emotions
Enjoy a deep sense of peace throughout the day

What after 7 days?

  • The yoga & meditation taught in this workshop are designed to enable you to practice them independently at home at your convinience
  • Post workshop support
  • Post workshop group meditation sessions
  • An opportunity to join the monthly guided sessions incase you need extra support

If you have any questions regarding the “Hope” program, We will be happy to assist you.

In-case, you have a specific needs, or want to practice meditation & yoga individually/for longer duration. Drop us a message. We will curate a separate workshop specially for your needs.

People who fall under any of the below categories are not eligible to participate in the program 

  • Active hernia 
  • Anyone who has had major open surgery in the last 6 months 
  • Anyone who has had a minor surgery or any severe muscular injury within the last 6 weeks 

As a general note, always consult and follow your doctor’s advice.

If you have any questions regarding your participation, please email us at

For further queries
Whatsapp +91 97310 13836

  • No refund in case of cancellation/no-show/drop-out
  • Pre-registration is mandatory